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SIP Trunking is, without question, the most innovative advancement in communications technology. Each Citel SIP Trunk solution is crafted on a foundation of expert knowledge and superior technology. Our qualified and experienced sales staff are happy to assist you in creating a SIP Trunk solution that is customized to your exact specifications and requirements. We view every situation individually and create the perfect solution.

Our SIP Trunking fully uses converged T1, over our nation-wide private voice and data network. This means extending significant cost savings to our customers while allowing them to leverage their existing infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of SIP and the benefits you can expect from Unified Communications, IP-PBX, and a fully managed corporate communications platform.

SIP May Prolonged Your Network Calling Capacity Area & Over Multiple Office Locations in Newark and Beyond

Because of Citel’s reliable personal community, now you can begin a regional reputation and eliminate long distance calling costs for your client base by choosing telephone numbers and setting them to your single SIP Trunk.

Volume on Demand

Potential On-Demand implies that you’ll never again have to purchase additional lines as a precautionary measure. Adding or removing lines does not incur any penalties.

Citel’s SIP Trunking solutions allow you to make changes to your requirements quickly through our easy to use web interface.

Fact: it may be as much as 10 times faster to make adjustments with SIP Trunking than with a traditional PRI.

SIP  is the latest technology in IP Communications

Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, maybe the spine of next-generation IP communications. By linking digital voice lines between PBXs as well as the PSTN, and linking all your office areas, SIP technology allows your company to change its resource-consuming ISDN PRI and traditional telephone lines having a lot more efficient structure able to reducing prices and managing changing call volumes.

Reduces Communication Costs

Data suggest that nearly all companies counting on traditional voice services spend an excessive amount of 50% more for solutions they just don’t need. SIP Trunking helps the administration of similar phone capability over far fewer channels.

Citel brings the latest in SIP technology to Newark.