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Despite the size of your business, or the type of industry you service, Citel offers a Hosted PBX solution that will allow you to shift your attention from managing your communications system to running your business. Citel’s IP phone systems make communication challenges a thing of the past. Our fully hosted business telephony systems mean giving businesses the luxury of eliminating nearly 50% off of their traditional communications costs simply by better utilizing existing data networks.

Our managed PBX system is a next generation, feature-rich enterprise-grade phone and data system designed to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure. All the while optimizing existing data networks and allowing small businesses to achieve a serious competitive advantage over their larger counterparts. Today’s businesses demand communication between clients, coworkers, stakeholders and suppliers – Citel makes staying connected easy and affordable.

Communication is the Key to Success

Hosted PBX Newark When it comes to better communication, you need a Hosted PBX solution that can save time and money; helping you concentrate on your business.

We offer a complete business solution under one roof via our Hosted PBX phone system. In other words, we help streamline your business communication needs. While providing the best communication, we offer low rates as well. It is the ideal solution for those who want to replace their old hardware with technologically advanced business solutions.

Features of Our Hosted PBX Solutions:


Ease of use

Systems that are easy to use often considered more productive as they save valuable time. Our hosted PBX solution uses an administrative panel from which you can easily manage all lines, configure lines, and make changes on a required basis.

Low-Cost Solutions in Newark

With our Hosted PBX solutions, we not only offer you the best communication set up at all levels but also save a great amount. There is no extra cost for telephony equipment and infrastructure.

Increased Productivity

When it comes to productivity, employees often need to work from home, while travetravellingas per their convenience. In such situations, virtual phones help them use their time while allowing them to be more productive.

VoPI: Private Network

Apart from a well set up infrastructure, a business needs security as well. Our system is fully secure and reliable. We guarantee 99.9% uptime, which means the communication will never stop. In addition, our system uses next generation’s encryption to keep everything related to your business secure.

Full Support

Once our PBX system is set up, we offer complete support. Our technicians are available on calls with prompt solutions for every possible outage. In case the problem requires a manual visit of the technician, our staff is not too far from you. We reach you as quickly as possible and fix all issues causing the problem. While taking full responsibility, we offer the best service starting from installation to maintenance.