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As a VoIP Provider offering solutions such as a Hosted PBX system, Voice over IP, business Internet and other great communications services, Citel owns and operates the largest private data network in North America.

Years of experience has positioned Citel as the leading provider of Voice over IP telephone services in America and Canada. Included in all standard hosted packages are necessary business tools such as voicemail, extension dialling, simplified billing, and a variety of long distance calling options.  Businesses of all sizes see Citel as the provider of choice for all of their voice and data needs. We are pleased to present our customers with 99.99% uptime guarantees and the most secure network in the industry.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our experts are available to answer questions and provide support at all times.

We operate on one of the largest private voice and data networks in North America and we are one of the primary VoIP providers in Newark. This strengthens our commitment to customer service.

Citel delivers revolutionary products and services as the leaders of voice and data solutions.

We have a voice and data network engineered specifically for you, regardless of the size or scope of your business. Our hosted telephone system provides outstanding services with a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Giving our clients a competitive edge

We work according to the industry standards for voice, video, and data technologies. Our teams of industry experts have the knowledge required to design hosted telephone solutions to serve even the most complex communication needs. You can rely on Citel to deliver the highest quality and cost-effective solution.

Citel Unifies and Simplifies Your Communications

At Citel, we deliver revolutionary products and services to our customers as the leaders of VoIP providers in the USA. We have a voice and data network engineered specifically for you, regardless of the size or scope of your business. We know the value of flexible solutions and feel proud to say that we have the ability to quickly adapt to ongoing changes. This awareness helps us offer peace of mind, highly developed and continuously updated features to our customers.

We provide the convenience of simplified pricing, a single bill, and the ease of having one service provider for all your voice and data communication needs.


Our trained support staff is just a phone call away and available at all times.